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Self-service (Internal and external)

In the modern world, an increasing number of customers and internal stakeholders seek the option to do it themselves. Therefore, self-service has become an important consideration when engaging with customers, as well as when empowering employees.

Self-service enriches, automates and optimizes key processes in a business, and we use the Microsoft platform to enhance all types of self service through employee and customer portals, enabled by Office 365 and Dynamics 365, chat-bots and question and answer bots, enabled by Dynamics 365 and Microsoft Azure, simple customer and employee-facing apps using Microsoft Power Apps and Flow, and self-service reporting and dashboarding using Microsoft Power BI.

Each of these channels of self-service capability is enabled on mobile platforms, using apps as well as browser-based delivery.

Data Optimization

Data is the foundation of information that supports your decisions and actions. If your data is relevant, complete, accurate, timely and consistent, then it will be an asset. If not, it could be useless and even potentially harmful.

We can therefore help you to eliminate silos of master data that exist in different departments or business units, improve operational efficiency by aligning organisational and operational data, save resources by automating a number of essential data processes and reduce risks associated with regulatory compliance.

Our data management solutions enable you to maintain the accuracy and accountability of your information, while enabling you to easily implement policies and processes to grow your enterprise and be more data-driven.

We can assist you to clearly understand where your organisation stands within the current data management universe, how your data is currently gathered and captured into datasets, and most importantly, identify current shortfalls that are the cause of pain points. We will then develop a road-map that you can adopt to ensure that you achieve your data management objectives.

It is well known that data comes in many forms – structured, semi-structured and unstructured – and from a huge variety of data sources. Despite the fact that this mountain of data is constantly growing, organisations nonetheless need to extract and present actionable insights quickly. This poses a huge challenge to enterprises, in terms of business and volume complexity.

We can assist you to drive business value that is measurable and relevant to your needs, with solutions ranging from conventional reporting to customized business intelligence (BI).

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